PHOTOGRAPHER ADVICE by Esther Bloom Photography – Timing Your Wedding to get Epic Photos


The talented Laura Rush of Esther Bloom Photography is with us today to tell us how to help your photographer get those epic wedding shots simply by planning your day around a lighting timeline.

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Esther Bloom Photography

“One of the most common issues I work with a couple on is the timeline of their day…I know I am not the wedding planner however, a majority of my job is working with light.  My work is known for the golden lights and outdoor organic imagery full of emotion.  This all has a lot to do with LIGHT!

When a couple is getting married outside we of course love to do the first looks.  This allows the couple to have an intimate moment before the day/craziness begins…and allows us to have a seamless timeline in order to achieve the best possible lighting for each moment.  I like to do the first look right after they each are finished getting ready.  Then we move along with the Wedding Party and then the Immediate Family.  Once these are completed I like to have some downtime included in order to put the couple away while guests arrive.  During this time we focus on the details of the ceremony location.  At this time (Ceremony) it is ideal for it to be Golden Hour.  This is my favorite time of day.  This is what I live for!!!! My favorite little go to is a chart online which tells you the time of sunset for every day of the year.  This is great because I can plan in advance for any date.”

Esther Bloom Photography 

“If you absolutely can’t have your ceremony at golden hour (the hour before sunset) then I would make sure you can be in open shade.  Preferably without dappled lighting.  This makes it difficult to edit and can cause harsh shadows. My worst nightmare. Most ‘venues know which areas photograph best and where there will be open shade.  Just ask!”

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Esther Bloom Photography

“Another tip, when you do most of the photos beforehand you don’t have to worry about having your guests waiting for long periods of time!  Especially if your reception is at the same location as the ceremony.  More time to visit with loved ones.  Your guests will love and thank you!”

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