We Are Going Digital!

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We are excited to share with you that starting with the 2018 Summer issue, ENGAGED! will be moving to an all digital format. From our website (including the blog), our online issue, our Facebook page, to our Instagram account and more, we are taking Engaged River Valley to the next level with the area’s only fully interactive quarterly wedding publication! Same great content coming out 4 times a year, now enhanced to better reach our you!
Inside Mag
The new online issues will be completely clickable.
You like that dress? Just click on it and it will take you to the local bridal gown store who carries it. Like that hair? Click and find the hair stylist of your dreams.
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All ads will now take you directly to the business website. No more typing or writing down the web address or Facebook handle. Now you can go right to the businesses you want.
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And if that isn’t enough – you can also click on our exclusive ENGAGED! Inspiration shoots and see the behind the scenes videos by Stellar Media showing how we make magic with our creative vendors.
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So much to see, now right at your fingertips.
Check back next week for our Digital Summer Issue debut and get click happy!