Parker and Taylor met several years ago at the very venue where they held their wedding and reception, Burdoc Farms. An evening spent joking and singing together turned quickly in to more when they discovered their shared interests in music and family. Soon it became apparent that they bond was something they wanted to last forever, and Taylor popped the question in a gorgeous private picnic he set up to surprise Parker on a rural back road at sunset.

No place was more fitting for them to be married than the very place that brought them together. Using natural decor elements such as branches, wood, and greenery, Taylor and Parker, along with their families, created all of the decor themselves.

Simplicity and personal details are all they wanted, and they made sure their wedding reflected that. Prior to their ceremony, the couple made time to meet one another back to back while Taylor sang to Parker. The night ended in a burst of fireworks and sparklers as the families and guests sent off the happy newlyweds.


Making the Magic:

Photographer: Brandon Keith Photography

Venue: Burdoc Farms- Crofton, KY

Cupcakes and Cake: Heather Dawson

Hair/Makeup: Bride

Bridal Gown: Bride Room- Nashville, TN

Groom’s Attire: Old Navy

Bridesmaids Dresses: Thrifted