Brooklyn and David met shortly after graduating high school on the 4th of July and went into a whirlwind summer relationship straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Knowing they were bound for different universities, they decided to end the relationship and spent several years apart until on a whim, Brooklyn decided to visit David up at IU. Instantly the two knew that their brief romance was not over and soon proclaimed to each other that they had loved each other since that life-changing summer so many years before.

When it came time to plan their wedding day, Brooklyn and David decided it was only fitting to be married on 4th of July weekend. With the backdrop of 20 West in Newburgh, Indiana, they danced under the summer night sky as all of their dreams of forever finally came true.

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Making the Magic:

Photographer: Bret & Brandie Photography

Venue: 20 West

Floral: Petal & Pine

Gowns: House of White

Menswear: Dillard’s of Evansville

Rings: Brinker’s Jewelers

Cake: Bauerhaus Pastry

Catering: Bauerhaus Catering

Hair: Rachel Harper and Ashley Hardy

DJ: Songbird DJ Service