Creating a Wedding Season That Gives Back

Many of us in some way, shape or form have ties to charities, non-profits, or other organizations that give back to our communities or nationally in some way, but have you given any thought to using your wedding as a vehicle to give back. Make the day and the entire process not just about you, but an opportunity to raise awareness or do something good for a worthwhile cause. Here are some ideas that you might consider implementing:

1. In lieu of gifts, consider asking that donations be made to your favorite charity. Sometimes this is done for second, third or later weddings, but it could also be done for a bridal shower idea as well.

2. In lieu of favors, a donation could be made to your favorite charity on behalf of your guests. Then you could place a small inexpensive paper acknowledgment at each place setting. This is a wonderful two-for-one. Not only will your contribution make an impact on that organization, but by you writing the information out at each seat, you raise awareness about the charity or non-profit, most especially if you share pertinent information such as why it’s important to you, what its mission is, and contact information if they would like to volunteer, make a donation of their own, or if your guests would like to learn more!

3. Donate your left over food to an organization in need of food such as a shelter.


4. Make your online purchases through a site such as and choose the nonprofit of your choice for the giveback amount to go to.

5. Host your bridal shower or your reception at a nonprofit facility.

6. In lieu of or as part of your bridal shower, plan a give back activity like a home build with Habitat or sit and drink wine while writing out cards for service men and women.

7. Donate your flowers to a nursing home, or repurpose them and regift them.


8. Purchase bridesmaids’ gifts that are from companies that give back or support important causes such as Uncharted International, which has a lovely local shop right in Evansville.

9. Consider donating your wedding dress to a good cause that either sells it and uses the money for their charity or reuses it for someone in need. Your bridesmaids might also consider donating their dresses as well to our local area Hangers clothing closet to be the next prom dress for some lucky high school girl!

10. Lastly, did you know that you can donate your post honeymoon frequent flier miles to the family of an injured soldier through a programs like Hero Miles? Check with your preferred airline to see what their particular program name is, but what a great way to start your new life together as a couple knowing that you made a difference to another family!