No Rain on the Millenial Bride’s Parade

by Kassy Lauer of madlove by Paparazzi Glamour & Gowns

Millennials are credited with the destruction of pretty much everything in today’s society, and the traditional union of souls is no exception! A lot has changed in the past decade of wedding planning, from the coveted location right down to the attire. Gone are the days of the “Princess Diana” cathedral veil and family-lit unity candelabras in the church where the bride was baptized as a baby. The ceremony program that had been used for pretty much any couple wed prior to 2010 can be found right next to the dyeable bridesmaids shoes in wedding heaven, where retired styles go to rest eternally.

Though this might thoroughly upset Aunt Barbara, we say good riddance! While writing your own vows used to be the most thoughtful thing a couple could do, the Millennial generation has taken personalization and intimacy of their sacred event to a new level. Kudos y’all! Your display of sentiments has ruined the entire audience’s mascara- and even your tough uncle has “something in his eye.” This is your cue to buy stock in Kleenex because almost every wedding party has their own #hashtag for social media, a pinnable wardrobe selection, and the desired ambiance of their special day carried through to EVERY <clap> SINGLE <clap> DETAIL <clap> and it will all come together to bring the even the most cynical guest to believe in true love.

Though it makes the happy couple’s distinctive event the most intimate and special moment possible (I’m not crying, you’re crying), this new revelation has confused wedding planners, retailers, and guests alike who are all well adapted to the pattern of prior years monotonous matrimony. PEOPLE ARE SHOOK. “They are getting married in a barn? Will we have to sit on hay?!” and “I don’t know what to wear, this whole thing is weird” are common phrases I hear from attendees (and future mother-in-laws) who don’t get it. Oh, but when they see those barns decked out with chandeliers and glamour, do they recant!

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So whether you’re eloping, planning a country-bohemian-chic event, or doing something more out of the box that I haven’t even thought of yet (eeek!), this is me telling you PLAN ON, Girlfriend! Embrace your #HappilyEverAfter and Pin til’ you win! Millennial to millennial, this is a day that no one can argue that you are a special, exceptionally beautiful snowflake. Do you, baby!