Destinations & Honeymoons- Greece

By Tina Brunck, Travel Smart


When thinking of Greece, immediate images of ancient ruins, mythical gods, whitewashed villages and amazing sunsets come to mind.

Greece has a plethora of ancient ruins to explore, the most famous being the Acropolis and the Parthenon both located in Athens. As an American, it is difficult to comprehend that these structures are over 2400 years old! Greece is also home to ancient monasteries, open-air theaters and Byzantine castles.


It is interesting that Greece has a Mediterranean climate close to the coastal areas of California. Winter can be cool and humid with warm and dry summers. Surprisingly, Northwestern Greece can even have snowfall during the winter.


Being a country with approximately 6000 islands, there is much to explore. Two of my favorite islands are Mykonos and Santorini. Mykonos offer adorable seaside restaurants, a picturesque whitewashed village, great shopping and is know for its’ nightlife. Santorini is a very unique destination built on the rim of a volcano crater. It is famous for stunning sunsets and whitewashed villages with blue-domed churches.


This diverse destination also offers a variety of activities for the sports enthusiasts. For example, on the island of Crete, you can canyon hike, mountain climb, explore caves, scuba dive and other water activities.

I can’t talk about Greece without talking about the food! It is a seafood lovers paradise! They offer typical Mediterranean cuisine featuring fresh fish, octopus, calamari, Greek salad, fresh olives, amazing feta cheese and of course, famous dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). And don’t forget to top off a great meal with some Ouzo – Greece’s most popular alcoholic drink with a distinct licorice flavor.

As you can see, Greece offers something for every traveler!

For the wise is easy to go anywhere. Because the whole world is home for a good soul” – Ancient Greek Philosopher Democritus