Reducing your Wedding Footprint

For some couples, having a wedding that involves little waste, reuse of other items, implementing local vendors, and making eco-friendly choices is a high priority. A lot of trash can be generated just in one evening or afternoon at a wedding ceremony and/or reception, so being socially conscious is one responsible step in protecting our environment. Choosing local vendors also helps our area economy as well. Here are some ideas to help you reduce your wedding footprint…

5 pink peonies recycles paper

  • Choose invitations printed on recycled paper or seed paper.

  • Choose local flower growers, and choose in season flowers. The less far the flowers have to travel, the less fuel that is used and the less packaging that is wasted.

  • Choose bridesmaids dresses that can be resued more than once

  • Consider plants as giveaway items such as succulents, bulbs, or herbs

  • Use real petals or leaf punchouts as your post ceremony toss items versus blowing bubbles or throwing rice (think about the trash generated by the disposed of plastic, and rice is bad for birds)close-up-countryside-direction-1711275

  • Repurpose pallet wood for signage

  • Make your bouquet out of old broochescatering-celebration-cover-265940

  • Use real silverware over plastic silverware

  • Use real linens over plastic table clothescatering-decoration-dinner-57980

  • Use stemware and glassware over plastic cups

  • Choose paper straws over plastic ones

  • Carpool as much as you can for appointments between venues

  • Choose a combined ceremony and reception site so people aren’t burning fuel traveling back and forth

  • Put out recycle bins at your event

  • Use thrifted/repurposed items whenever/wherever you can

  • Donate leftover food to a local shelter or divvy it out among the bridal party or guests when the night is done so that none is thrown away.

  • Consider making a charitable donation in the guests’ name in lieu of disposable favors.

  • Choose a ring from an ethical source. Repurpose a family stone, and/or stick with brands who practice socially and environmentally responsible sourcing of their stones and metals.

  • Go with a sustainable venue. This could be one that grows much of their own food onsite, or it could be one that already has such a natural beauty that there isn’t much of a need to bring in a lot of décor.

  • And finally, consider renting reusable items.

You don’t have to do everything on the list, but every little bit helps when it comes to protecting our environment and/or our communities. Choosing to make an impact can be fun and give you the opportunity to exercise your creativity, but it might also be inspiring, too! You just never know the next person who might take your idea to heart and learn from it, someone who might expound on it and take it one step further, and/or what the final impact will eventually be!