Busy Beedz is owned by a local mother-daughter duo Mari Jost and Alex Bittner who have owned the store for eight years. At the store, you can come in and create a custom piece for your wedding or special occasion.  They also offer classes if you would like to learn how to make jewelry or have a fun girls’ night with your bridesmaids

They also have a line called memory jewelry! In it, they use flowers from weddings, funerals, or any sentimental occasions! Alex Bittner shares, “In December 2014 Mari’s mother passed away.  Donder, as she was affectionately called, was an avid gardener and had a great love of flowers. While we had already been experimenting with the memory flowers, it was then that we started using different types of bezels and creating new jewelry styles.  As Mother’s Day was approaching, I made it my mission to create a jewelry piece from the flowers in Donder’s own garden as a gift for my mom and sisters.  From all of this, our memory flower jewelry line was created.  Once perfected, the line then was offered in our store. We now offer a large selection of memory items made from flowers, your loved one’s handwriting, clothing, and much more!”

To learn more about Busy Beedz, visit their shop at 2809 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN 47714 or find them online at https://www.busybeedzdesign.com/