Market of Dreams

Bridal market is to the boutique owner as Christmas morning is to an overly-sugared five year old girl the year the hatchimal came out. I LIVE FOR THESE FEW SHORT DAYS. Luckily, I get to indulge twice per year, and it just keeps getting better and better! Having just attended the Chicago Bridal Market in March and anxiously awaiting Atlanta’s rendition in September, I am currently dead middle in equal parts reflection and anticipation while I try to weasel the Dallas Market into my itinerary this season to tide me over.

“What makes it so great?” some ignorant friend of mine asked, (kidding of course, we’re not friends anymore). Well, let me just break this down for y’all… more than 200,000 square feet of gorgeous attire, direct contact with the designers, viewing of the latest in bridal fashion, education series, and copious amounts of being spoiled with decadent food and drink. I promise it isn’t the mimosa that causes me to exclaim “I LOOOOVE THAT!” five thousand times during my trip- you would be hard pressed to remain complacent when you see the model walk down the runway in what you know in your heart of hearts will be trending on every bride’s Pinterest board once the public takes hold of these masterpieces!

Aside from getting a chance to see and touch all the couture eye-candy, as a respected buyer *clears throat*, I also get the chance to make suggestions to the designers and share my experience as someone who works one on one with the queens who will ultimately purchase these gorgeous goods. The designers really do listen when you tell them “my brides would love a corset here, or a lace sleeve on this body would cause me to pass out,” and they will make it happen! Market is the ideal time for buyer opinion since the designers have only made samples at this point. I’ve even had the opportunity to help some of them completely remake some designs using my fantastic ideas (yeah, I’ve got the juice)!

At the most recent Chicago market, one designer asked me “Kassy, how do you order?”, meaning what method of selection do I use (apparently some people get real mathematical with it). Although my answer caused him to erupt in laughter, it was the truest thing I’ve ever said, “with my heart.” I can earnestly see a bride in each gown that I choose to bring home to my store. I can see the venue, the cake, the colors, and most importantly the smitten grin on her soulmate’s face when they see her in it for the first time. I get the chills in that moment just like my bride does when she sees herself in that big mirror in her dream dress- and that’s how I know. It’s part of my dream too, and I am so proud to bring it all home from the most enthralling events of the year to share with Tri-State brides! Until the next market!

-Kassy Lauer of madlove by Paparazzi Glamour & Gowns