Adventure Engagement Sessions

Adventure weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and we absolutely love traveling and shooting these, but have you ever thought about an adventure engagement session? Think about it…its a great excuse to get aw

ay and de-stress with your fiancé, and you get to have it professionally captured by your favorite photographer.  For so many couples, while they love the idea of running away and eloping, for one or more reasons it just isn’t feasible.  This option of having a getaway for engagement photos allows you to have that same feel and is the perfect solution.  

I recently had a couple traveling for their wedding, and we decided that we would just go a few days early and shoot a casual engagement session at one of their favorite locations (Antelope Canyon) instead of doing it here at home.  I thought it was a wonderful idea, and we got to spend the day with zero stress, and were able to explore the area, thus allowing them to relax before the big day. Think about taking a Tri-State photographer with you to these exotic or  locations within driving distance.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the same style photos, and be able to form that relationship with your photographer rather than just one day?  These are some of the most meaningful photos you will ever have taken.  Some photographers will even give you a custom collection that would include a discounted or free engagement session.  (WE DO!)

Proposing on vacation is common, and while maybe you didn’t think about hiring a photographer for that moment, you could always go back to that special place and shoot in the same location.  Or, did you meet while traveling or studying abroad? Traveling to a city or country that is meaningful to you as a couple is the perfect touch to making it stand out for years to come.

For others, you may be coming home to the Tri-State area and want to use a local photographer.  This can be beneficial because we know all the great little nooks and areas to shoot that others may not know about.  Not to mention permits for entering these perfect spots. Hiring someone local here should know how to obtain the correct permits, as well as access and permission from land owners in the area. Two of the locations shown here are right in my back yard in Southern Illinois.  You don’t have to look that far to find something dramatic in scenery right here in our area.

Everyone needs less stress in their lives. Plan for a mini vacay and have a great time with your fiancé while having it captured through photos.  Whether it’shere in the Tri-State and only an hour or two away or hop on a plane and take a few days off, enjoy it. Don’t just make these photos another check off the to-do list. Go to Garden of the Gods, local waterfalls, the beach, or the mountains. (Please take me to the mountains!) Just let me know when we should leave!

Article and photography by Laura Rush

Esther Bloom Photography | Owner

McLeansboro, IL 62859