Top Three Reasons You Should Book a Boudoir Session the Year You Get Married

As someone who’s very into body positivity and self love, I believe boudoir is for every woman. 

  1. Self love and a little more self love. 

My favorite thing about being a boudoir photographer is building up the women who come to see me! Most are so nervous… but during those viewing sessions, I get to watch my clients light up with excitement of how downright beautiful they are! What better mindset with which to start your marriage than one of loving your body and feeling confident in your skin?! 

  1. It makes the perfect gift. 

While I don’t believe you ever need an excuse to book a boudoir session, I really think your wedding is one of the most perfect reasons! It makes a personalized, totally surprising gift for yourself and your significant other. Most of my brides gift their spouses with a custom designed album and present it to their significant others the night before the wedding or right before they come down the aisle. It’s also an amazing private moment for your wedding photographer to capture. 

  1. Weddings are a reason to celebrate!

Weddings are a beautiful celebration, but they can also be a little stressful: this session gives you the opportunity for a stress-free day for you! Get pampered with professional hair and makeup, and spend the day getting cheered on while you create amazing images you’ll cherish for years to come. 

During bridal meetings, I always show my boudoir albums and moms of my brides often tease and blush. But you know what every single 50+ woman has said when I’ve ever asked, “But wouldn’t you love an image of yourself like that from the year you got married?” They always say, “Oh goodness, YES!!” Every. Single. Time. 

I’ve never had a women regret doing a boudoir session, but I’ve had lots of women who have felt more confident, empowered and seen because of it!

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Photographer: Fearlessly Feminine

Location: The Loft on 6th

Hair and Make Up: Steph Willis

Model: Steph Willis

Lingerie: Dillard’s

Veil: House of White


By Alisha White of Fearlessly Feminine