Bridesmaid Down

Bridesmaid Down… that was the phrase that floated around my little sister’s wedding ten years ago when I, yes me, the matron of honor was found in the bathroom with my head resting on the toilet passed out. Not my finest moment for sure and still part of family folklore to this day, but let’s rewind and figure out how I got there, and how it could have been prevented!!!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I rarely ever drink, so my first mistake was letting the day go by on a relatively empty stomach (something that I recently repeated at a Christmas party… more details on that forthcoming!). For big event days like a wedding, you have to have food on your stomach if you plan to drink throughout the night. Otherwise the alcohol will hit you like a ton of bricks! Carbs in particular are very important as they will help soak up the alcohol. That was the second lesson I learned recently being on a keto diet for the afore mentioned Christmas party. Not only did the alcohol process differently than I was used to, I had no carbs (no breads, no potatoes, and no desserts to help soak it up). So just a handful of drinks, and I was toast. I had to leave early, I was sick the entire night, and I had the worst hangover of my entire life a few weeks ago (certainly not something I want to repeat)! Weddings and other parties should be fun, not something to be remembered for how awful they made you feel whether you are the bridesmaid… or God forbid the bride!!!!!

So with that said, make a pact with your tribe. If you plan to drink, who do you know at the wedding that will be the person or people that will help look out for you and make sure that you a) drink in moderation, b) eat enough, and c) counter your alcohol with enough water. Drinking is fun, but so is making it through the whole night and the entire party! Not to say that I wasn’t the only one who passed out at my little sister’s wedding (believe me, it was a hot Chicago night, with an open bar with top shelf liquor, and multiple people went down), but the evening would have been a lot more fun had I been able to go the distance and party with the rest of the crowd (and at least make it to mid evening snack bar the my husband tells me was so good that I missed).

Another few tips include:

1. Feeling overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle? I’m an introvert, so I totally get it, especially since I had to give a toast! Head to the bathroom for a quick breather vs. hitting the bar. Hide in a stall and check your phone, meditate, or even toss on some tunes for five minutes to calm your nerves… especially if you have to give a big speech!!!

2. A slow pace is a good pace. No one likes the land of regret, so slow and steady is the way to go when it comes to drinking!

3. Channel your inner Jenna Dewan or Julianne Hough, and dance! Dance! Dance the night away! Movement is not only fun, but it will get the alcohol moving through you quickly. You metabolize your alcohol faster, and you’ll burn off the calories of that fancy wedding supper and cake!

4. All bets are off once the after party hits, and you do you, boo! As long as you have made it past the point where the old folks have gone home and to bed, how you end your night with your friends is your prerogative!

5. Lastly, and most importantly, if you plan to drink, please have a plan in place on how you aim to get home. Pass off your car keys at the start and either have a sober/designated driver in place or arrange for an Uber or cab at the start of the night! An impaired driver is a drunk driver, and we care about YOU!!!

-Nikki Davis, Engaged! Managing Editor