Skincare: Plan Your Bridal Makeup Trial

When it comes to the person doing your bridal makeup, sometimes you may not jive with the first person that you match to, and that’s okay. So be sure to talk with your makeup artist/Esthetician and see if your views and wants match up. Some tips to help you get started with the conversation:

1. Make sure the makeup they use is what you want; if that’s something you care about.

2. Discuss what makeup you typically wear, what your wedding colors are, and/or if there are any colors you do not like to wear.

3. Then always be sure to bring up any sensitivities or allergies you may have.

4. Finally, if you plan to spray tan prior to the day of bliss, definitely let the artist know this as the color you were matched with will most likely change a little bit based on the color of your tan.

When selecting someone to do your makeup, always remember that the makeup artist/Esthetician is there for you and to make you happy. What the artist/Esthetician may think would look great, you may dislike. Have some photos available to show applications you like or a certain eye makeup technique you are after. Making sure you and your makeup artist/Esthetician are on the same page is key! We want to be sure that if you say “light and airy” that is truly what you want, that it does not consist of heavy dark eye shadow with thick eyeliner, e.g.

Check into wedding packages as well. Most places offer a bridal package of some sort or multiple bridal options. The packages can help get it all done in one spot: skincare (HydraFacial, facial, peels, etc), brows, trial run, bridal makeup, and usually with a little discount or take-home makeup/product. These packages get your skin into shape beforehand and will make your makeup look flawless. The beforehand services are also a great way to form a better relationship with the artist/Esthetician prior to the big day and can make you more comfortable. Pro tip: drink plenty of water, keeping hydrated will do wonders for your skin. Drinking plenty of water can help plump the skin and definitely help revive tired eyes.

The trial makeup run is a must in my opinion. Doing a trial closer to the big day is ideal. If you do it too far out from the wedding, you may change your mind on what you want or even forget what you did all together. So it’s a time to make sure you are going to love what you look like on the big day.

Don’t stress, be happy! This is a time to play with colors or to make sure those false eyelashes are exactly what you want. Never be nervous to say you don’t like something, because this is that time to adjust or make changes. The worst thing a bride can do is not speak up. It’s the opportunity to make sure you have a perfect makeup plan in place. Once you love the application, everything will be written down for you, and you’ll be all set. One less thing to check off your list or stress over.

Written by Kristin Boehm

Lush Esthetics & Boutique