Using Small Business Artisans for Your Stationery

In the not-so-distant past, when a couple was ready to pick out their wedding stationery, they had to visit a stationery shop. There, they would have the joy of swooning through dozens of books with not-so-varying designs– touch and feel the paper, embossing and envelopes. They’d pick the best one to match their wedding, plug in their information and ta-da! Although the design wasn’t as customizable, the artisans at the stationery shops knew their craft. You know you would receive a well made, high quality invitation to send out for your wedding! In our modern, digital age we still have a few custom stationery shops here and there, but stationery websites have replaced most of these brick-and-mortar shops with online smorgasbord of modern, slightly-more-customizable wedding stationery. The downside of these online shops is not knowing exactly what you will end up with. I can guarantee that seeing “130 lb., 19.3 point” on the online description of the thickness of paper means absolutely nothing to an everyday person (unless you were like myself; raised in a print shop…then those numbers are somewhat ingrained in your being, ha!). I’ve had so many people come to me, disappointed in their online stationery purchase simply because they didn’t really know what they were buying. The worst part is that typically these wedding shoppers weren’t saving time or money because they spent more than a few hours online digging through designs and plugging in their info, deciphering technical terminology and the result ended up costing the same, if not more, than a custom designed piece by a local stationery company.  

Wedding stationery has seen a significant change in the age of digital printing, the internet and a dramatic growth in designers. One thing that hasn’t changed though is people. A small business owned by an artisan who is knowledgeable and knows their craft. One who can tell you the best options for your budget and style while still giving something unique to you and you your wedding! From ink colors to paper color choices, find someone able to blend color and skill – allowing for a creative design while staying timeless. A wedding stationery designer who knows tradition but also knows and understands the modern bride: this is who you want help you pick out and design your wedding stationery. Do your research, look at portfolios and find someone who will be the best option for you and your style! The first impression to your guests of your wedding day is worth it!

Heather Vaught, Owner


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