BRIDAL FASHION: Colors of 2020

Maybe it’s because 2019 was hectic AF, and we all desperately need a little grounding, but the preferred colors for 2020 weddings seem to have taken a sharp and sudden turn. Modern brides are bringing their heads down from the clouds and have shifted dramatically from light and airy pastels to the native palette of mother nature. If you are a bride who is feeling the need to reach out to Momma Earth, go ahead and give her a hug. She’s here for you- and so am I.

Participate in a quick image search online and you will find every shade from the core, the mantle, and the crust on trending wedding inspiration boards. Let me tell y’all- I am living for it. I hear your nature call, and I am pledging allegiance to the universe and all her majestic hues to help bring you a stunning ensemble of richness to your wedding party!

Where baby soft pastels and the occasional burgundy once ruled the covers of bridal magazines, we will soon enjoy a more invigorating collection. Deeply saturated jewel tones and desert-esque hues are peeking out from nature-inspired palettes into modern bridal for the win. From rust oranges and mustard yellows, to lush greens and saturated blues, the depth of these true hues in combination with one another creates a type of magic that would cause Vincent Van Gogh to come undone.

If you’re mildly terrified of this uncharted land where muted tones once reigned supreme, I hope you find comfort in this paragraph. The lovely vivids that I speak of have quickly stepped into bridal couture, but as a courtesy they’ve brought with them neutral metallics to balance things out for those who are feeling a little clammy from the visual of such a wide array of colors. Keeping your flowers, accessories, and decor neutral will ensure that your daring use of color isn’t overwhelming. Also, choosing one bold color is perfectly acceptable- we don’t have to paint with ALL the colors of the wind here.

Close your eyes (have your maid of honor continue to read aloud) and picture a soft matte copper hue alongside a muted rust orange. Now see an earthy champagne paired perfectly with a deep teal. Visualize a painted desert with a mountainous backdrop or a cliff overlooking crashing waves in Mexico- and you’re headed in the direction! Pretty much any panoramic nature scene holds secrets to a color combination that will awe those who follow your wedding board for years to come.

Instead of searching the web for “bridesmaids looks”, go out on a limb (quite literally- there are some great shots from tree tops) and search for photos that capture your favorite brand of nature (mountains, jungles, islands, deserts, lush meadows, deep forests, oh my). After deciding which moody palette to bring to your wedding party, your next step is to book a trip with our friends at Travel Smart so you can whisk your dearly beloved straight to the inspo after you say your vows. Just imagine how perfectly your honeymoon photos will fall into place on your IG feed right behind your big day! Priorities, people.

-Kassy Lauer, Rose & Bliss