DESTINATION: A Mythical and Timeless Wonderland ~ Scotland

Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, it certainly brought Scotland to the forefront. A land of natural beauty, dramatic highlands, mountains, castles, beaches, golf, the adorable hairy coos, and the history of the Scottish clans.


I found the Scottish people to be very friendly and welcoming. They are enthusiastic in sharing their stories and mythical history. Visiting a local pub, eating a meat pie or haggis and listening to folk music is not to be missed. English is the official language; however, there are a variety of regional accents. You’ll have no problem with communicating.

Scotland is a land for those that love the outdoors and want to explore. There are many running, cycling and hiking trails, snow skiing in the winter and ever water sports during the summer. Best time to visit would be May or June due to be the sunniest months, longer daylight hours and less rain usually.


For a romantic getaway, you could choose to stay in a forest lodge, secluded loch-side converted boathouse, or charming countryside cottage. Or if you prefer a bit more luxury, you could choose a hotel suite with romantic extras such as hot tubs, room service, or onsite spa.

Festivals of various kinds and cultural events are plentiful in Scotland. I was thrilled to be able to attend the Fringe Festival and the highly acclaimed Military Tattoo in August 2019. The Military Tattoo is a performance of armed forces from around the world. It is truly a spectacular show of music, lights and precision movements.

If Scotland isn’t on your bucket list, it should be!

-Tina Brunck

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