BRIDAL FASHION: Rogue Bride Fashion Guide

There is definitely a bride who lives to plan every detail of her big day. She has a Pinterest board with 33 cake designs, 14 color schemes, and photos of every flower combination (that may or may not need to be imported) to fit her overall unbendable bridal vision. Her wedding will take her more than a year to plan, requires hiring an expert planner, and will likely cost a pretty penny. Her photos will be flawless and her menu will be exact. Her DJ or band will play songs from a list she compiled (in order), and she will notice if one is skipped. She wants perfection, and she will get it. 


We also have the relaxed-still-structured bride who will pull in family members and friends to achieve “a mood” with selections that she will know when she sees. She has an overall idea of the type of wedding she wants, but is open to an approach where details come together organically. Her aunt, who thrifts, scores the deal of the century on 40 milk glass vases, and boom! Inspiration is born. She has a color scheme picked out and the maids can wear whichever dress they choose, because her ultimate goal is for everyone to be comfortable and have a great time. She cares about the details, she’s chosen a venue, she has goals and ideas, but she trusts the process and believes that everything happens as it should. 


The complete opposite of our first example, is the bride who will go with the flow. She doesn’t necessarily “need” a bridal party, believes that love is the only color that matters, and would be just as happy with a bouquet of wildflowers picked the morning of her nuptials. This bride would honestly prefer to choose a gorgeous destination, ask her family to contribute sky miles, and whisk her groom away for a solo-ceremony where they will then have an adventure for two. Her ceremony will take place on a cliff overlooking a body of water, and her reception may involve a taco-truck, craft beer, and a local music venue where the “regulars” become their family for the night.


If bride #3’s way of doing things has you envisioning a delicate gown with your toes in the sand around a bon-fire, you might want to listen up.  If you’re seeing yourself in a tea-length lace dress on the back of a moped in a bustling European city, pulling cans with a “just married” sign on back, you too are a rogue bride, and the following tips are for you. Although I’m no travel agent, I CAN help you wardrobe for the perfect romantic escape after our friends at Haynie Travel help you book your trip! 


#1. If you will be traveling with your gown, please share this info with your bridal consultant. Certain fabrics travel very well, and others will be a nightmare unless you are staying at a hotel with a capable steamer or have a dry-cleaner nearby. Fabrics that travel well are: 


  • Jersey- you can literally roll a jersey gown up like a beach towel since these gowns have no poof, they don’t wrinkle, and take up very little space. 
  • All over lace- A gown with a lace sheath, typically over a jersey liner will not wrinkle or crease if you use the roll method. Please never “fold” a bridal gown. 
  • Chiffon- without layers of tulle to fluff her up. Chiffon is very slim and hangs nicely in a garment bag. You can also roll it up, but anticipate a few wrinkles! If your gown comes with a tulle underskirt, you may ask your alterationist to replace that layer with a more travel-friendly material or remove it entirely. 
  • Soft Tulle with no crinoline is always a nice light choice. She will not be too bulky to take in a garment bag and will also pack nicely when rolled, but will likely need a light steaming if you go the roll-route. 


If you are not sure how to pack your gown using the roll method, your bridal consultant should be able to show you the best method (afterall she likely unpacked the gown in a similar fashion when it arrived at the boutique). Gowns are almost always sent inside-out to protect any bling from snagging on lace and to keep the outside of the gown in pristine condition.  Please remember NOT to pack any liquids or makeup in the same suitcase as your wedding gown. Most airlines will allow you to carry on a garment bag and will even put it in the Captain’s closet for you! If your gown is tulle or chiffon, this is definitely the most ideal situation. I personally would be hesitant to “check” my wedding gown just on the off-chance that luggage gets lost. A gown without crinoline will fit in a carry-on bag! If a steamer is not available, a closed bathroom during a long hot shower will often do the trick for subtle wrinkles. Just hang your dress in there (away from the actual water) and steam it up! 

#2:  Accessorize lightly! If you get married in a tropical setting and DON’T wear a flower crown, I’m personally mad at you. I mean, you do you, girl but a live flower crown is as ideal as they come for a destination wedding because you don’t pack it at all. Have the florist who creates your bouquet make a matching crown or give you extra flowers to put in your hair. I do not recommend tiaras or stationary hair pieces for situations that could potentially get windy. The last thing you need is your groom trying to get a comb out of your tangled hair while you’re trying to get awesome photos. One thing I do love to see blowing in the wind is a beautiful veil! Since they are all made of tulle, you will want to have your bridal consultant pack it in a box for you- not all boutiques use boxes to store veils, so ask yours! If they don’t, purchase one and take it in for them to place your veil in- we have way more confidence in this department than you will in your apartment the night before your plane leaves, I promise. Throw this baby into your steamy bathroom mix the night before for a light-dewrinkling. 

#3: Choose your shoes wisely! Have you ever tried to walk European cobblestone in heels? I have. If my husband wasn’t already married to me, he might have had second thoughts about wedding the sasquatch bride. A chunky heel or even better, a wedge will get you through any terrain with a lot more grace than a skinny heel. They won’t sink into the grass and are far more comfortable for long wear. A strappy sandal or even a fashionable pair of converse are even more wearable and will allow you to focus on the experience instead of mere survival. An extra pair of flip flops just in case, never hurt nobody. 

#4. Don’t swear off all-professional services. You may be a rebel bride, but you don’t need to go totally off-grid. Hire a hair artist, a florist, and most IMPORTANTLY a professional photographer. If you’re a bride that believes in the magic of spontaneity, you definitely want someone there to capture the essence of your escape. 

Local rogue brides, we would love to see YOUR destination photos! Please send to to possibly see your nuptials featured in a future issue!

Kassy Lauer of Rose & Bliss

Photos by Rachel Smith