What You Can Focus On


During this time of Corona-limbo, there is a lot of uncertainty, but it often helps to focus on things that are in our control vs. the things that we have absolutely no control over. So while we are Social Distancing ourselves and trying to find our new normal (because let’s face it… who knows how long this will all take to really shake out?), what CAN we do???

1. Think about how you can support local. One idea is to carry out from your favorite local eatery

2. If you have any sort of entrepreneurial aspirations, dive back into your business plan and think about what re-growth is going to look like when this is all over

3. Fine tune your social media… Post, share, find your social media “voice.” From Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and FB + IG stories, you have a story to tell, and now you have time to do it!!!

4. Proof and clean up your website if you maintain one / ask a colleague to proof it for you to give it another set of eyes

5. Start writing reviews (Google, Facebook, or otherwise) for your colleagues, friends, family and favorite businesses. In the long run, this is a wonderful way to also support those local businesses, and it is FREE!

6. Study up on your craft. There is ALWAYS something new you can learn to improve your business

7. Catch up on your reading

8. Learn something new…the world wide web is an amazing treasure trove of new hobbies, crafts, and skills… Wow us with something you’ve picked up (that isn’t the Corona virus)

8. Socially listen and be a light! Watch what your friends are posting, comment, like, share, etc, but ALWAYS keep it positive. I myself am an introvert, but I’m guessing this is very hard on our extrovert friends who aren’t used to the isolation. So do your small part to show them that they are noticed and that you are there.

9. Hand write cards or notes to your clients or potential clients, family, and friends

10. Pick up the phone and call friends, neighbors, and family to check in on them

Isolating yourself physically to curb the spread of this doesn’t mean that you have to isolate yourself completely. We are blessed to live in a time of amazing technology that puts us a call, text, email, message or video chat away from our friends and family. So don’t fall into a trap of loneliness. Be the light, reach out to friends and family, and be proactive in your mental health and the mental health of others to make sure that your loved ones and friends are OK… and YES, that can include talking through your upcoming wedding plans. Having something to look forward to when this is all over is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel!