Classic Facial & Skin Care

Prior to a facial, resurfacer, peel, or any skincare service expect to fill in a questionnaire. This questionnaire gives us more information about you, you skin, and your wants. We’ll want to know any allergies and what you use on your skin at home. We need to know these things, but we also want to know them so that we can help with any skin issues or conditions you may be struggling with such as acne.

In any of our services, clients can expect to relax and unwind. Most all our services will be in a dimly lit room with warmed spa beds and serene music. We try to foster an environment to “let things go.”

In a classic facial, you can first off expect it to be tailored to your needs (acne, fine lines, darks spots, balancing, etc). At some point, we’ll also examine your skin closer under a mag light.

This is how our classic facial usually goes, but sometimes we tweak them for each client.

  • Pre-clease with a cleansing oil to remove makeup and other debris from the skin
  • Cleanse with a facial cleanser tailored to your skin type or need. A facial brush is also used at this point to aid in exfoliation
  • Exfoliation with an enzyme mask geared towards dissolving and removing excess dead skin cells. Steam will be applied here to help open up the client’s pores.
  • Extractions would be done here if needed for clogged pores (whiteheads, blackheads, etc)
  • Facial massage is next and is used to promote circulation. Not only does this help with blood flow to this skin but also promotes relaxation.
  • Treatment mask is the final step. This mask will be applied to treat your specific skin concerns.

At the end of the facial, your Esthetician will apply some finishing products such as a serum, eye cream, moisturizer and SPF prior to completion of the services.

Facials are optimal every 4-6 weeks for good skin maintenance. Good home skin care is also key, without good home care it can be hard to maintain your skin health. Skin home care can be discussed further after your facial

A serum may be more expensive but does more work by having a smaller molecule makeup and able to penetrate the skin further. Moisturize and then protect with an SPF 30+

Written by Kristin Boehm

Lush Esthetics & Boutique