On Our Radar: Walker’s Bluff

We are Southern Illinois’ premier wedding destination offering full service wedding planning. With our amazing venue selection such as The Enchanted Woods, The Tasting Room, Legends, Wine Cave and

over 300 acres of beautiful land, the possibilities are endless. When you book with us, you receive a wedding coordinator with several years of experience to help guide you through the entire planning process. All of our prices listed in our booklet can be discussed with your coordinator and adjusted to fit with your budget and requests. At Walker’s Bluff, it is all about the experience. Our goal is to make it fun and memorable from the day you book, until the day you tie the knot. Let us take the stress out of

planning a wedding, from choosing wedding décor to deciding on catering and drinks for your guests; our wedding coordinator will take care of every detail and help make your wedding everything you have ever dreamed of!


Walker’s Bluff

326 Vermont Rd

Carterville, Illinois

(618) 956-9900



Photos by Esther Bloom Photography

The “Down The Rabbit Hole” Wine Cave doors at Walker’s Bluff is a unique and stunning location for guests to enter to their wedding reception or ceremony. It is also a popular spot for the “first look” photo, bridal party photos, and family photos. With a gorgeous waterfall, overflowing vines, detailed architect design, and one-of-a- kind doors…it makes a perfect backdrop for photographers and wedding parties! BREATHTAKING! 

Kara Hunt 2

Photo by Kaitlin Powell Photography