The fashion world has added a new accessory for formal attire this season, compliments of COVID-19. Although this fact makes us blue, our safety and social responsibility must prevail and we ALL MUST WEAR MASKS at social gatherings. Obviously, we can’t let you wear a sterile hospital mask with your dress and we encourage you to save your home-sewn masterpiece for the office or grocery store. Your special occasion calls for something far more glamorous, but equally effective. See us at Rose & Bliss Bridal for an assortment of embellished masks made with high quality satin that will keep you comfortable throughout your event! If you’re too boujee for cooties, we’ve got you covered (literally)! We offer white, black, nude/black, rose gold, blush and dusty blue- so that even a bride can stay honest to the tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE”!  

$30 each and free shipping is available if you’re not local or unable to pick up at Rose & Bliss, 2820 Lincoln Avenue Evansville, IN 47714