Willow and Pine Market

I have always loved dishes and pretty things for the table. This is a love I shared with my mother and my grandmother. Family dinners and gatherings have always been an important part of my life and in the life of my family. The dinnerware and special serving pieces we used were always a special part of those meals. It was never in my plans to open a business selling tableware…but now I see that it was almost inevitable! I’m a Kansas girl living in Kentucky. My husband is retired from active duty service. We have ten children and six grandchildren. During our time in Germany, I discovered Polish Pottery and beautiful Italian ceramics and brought those beautiful dishes home with me. They graced my table and now they fill my store. It brings me so much joy to see my customers’ faces light up when they walk in the door and when they walk out with that special piece they will love and enjoy for years to come!

I left my job as a middle school counselor in August of 2019 to take the first step in creating my business by launching my website. I had no knowledge of how to do that, no knowledge of marketing or business management. I listened to a lot of podcasts and spent a lot of time figuring things out. I made mistakes and felt pretty frustrated, at times. However, I had this dream of sharing the beautiful dinnerware and dishes that I loved so much with others. I sold my pottery from my home and at holiday markets. I watched my customers fall in love with their purchases and realized that I wasn’t alone in my love of (obsession over) pretty dishes! I decided to “do it scared” and open a brick and mortar store. My first location in downtown Owensboro boasted 1,000 square feet and focused, mostly, on Polish Pottery. As customers began asking for kitchen and baking items, I began stocking the store with them. After four months, I moved to a larger location with more than twice the square footage and the most beautiful architecture and display windows. I offer dinnerware and linens at different price points. I carry fun and unusual kitchen gadgets and utensils. I offer candles, lotions, and other gift items. And, of course, I have a large selection of Polish Pottery!

A customer once told me that she loves dishes so much that when she opened the door to my store, she “heard the symphony playing.” That’s exactly how I feel every day. I am surrounded by pretty things. I have wonderful downtown neighbors. I spend my days meeting and connecting with beautiful and interesting people. I say all that time that I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m simply leading with my heart, listening to my customers, and focusing on the joy that comes from observing their excitement and enthusiasm! And…I’m allowing everything else to simply fall into place.

Willow and Pine Market

Now open at their new location…126 West 2nd Street! , Owenboro, KY


(270) 478-1022