Hello Honeymooners!

Hello Honeymooners! Wow. Our hearts are broken for all of the Honeymoon trips we have had to cancel during this pandemic! We know that your Honeymoon is one of the most important trips you will ever plan, and you want it to be perfect. Please know that Haynie Travel is here for you. It is our job to stay advised on all of the current travel restrictions and requirements to your dream destination.

More and more destinations are opening as time passes, but if yours is still closed, you have options! Many travelers have been fearful of long international flights with multiple airport layovers. Another option might be to select a destination from an airport that offers non-stop flight service to your destination. Others are afraid of being “stuck” in a foreign country and not being able to return home or to be required to quarantine for an indefinite time in destination. The best answer is to select a United States destination for your honeymoon.

Hawaii or the US Virgin Islands are perfect romantic getaway destinations for honeymooners and no passports are required. If you want to stay closer to home, there are several non-stop flight options to sunny Florida from Evansville, or consider an active adventure vacation in one of our mountain ranges or a luxurious pampering spa vacation in California or the canyon lands. Whatever your preference, we can get you there safely with our expertise.

Our advice…don’t panic! You can still get the perfect honeymoon of your dreams. Let Haynie Travel help you get there!

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