Low Country Boil

Want to give your friends and family a dinner experience unlike any other? When our friends, Nancy and Ted Denning, food service veterans and owners of Touch of Home Catering and Uncle Ted’s Food Truck, told us they wanted to start offering Low Country Boils to customers, we jumped at the chance to be the first to host. 

What is a Low Country Boil? Typically only found in parts of Southern U.S. coastal regions, a boil, or as sometimes called, Shrimp Boil, is a one-pot meal for the masses. Legend has it was originally called Frogmore Stew and was made famous by Richard Gay, a National Guardsman who had to figure out how to cook a meal for over 100 soldiers. It is said he used an old family recipe. The meal was an instant hit!  The dish was named Frogmore for the town he was from. Eventually, when the postal service eliminated the name Frogmore, the dish was renamed Low Country Boil. 

A Low Country Boil includes shrimp, corn, sausage, potatoes and Old Bay spice. It’s perfect for a large crowd or even just a handful of your favorite people … just remember, the more people you have, the bigger the pot you’ll need.   You can serve this Low Country Boil Recipe with Old Bay on newspaper or on a big disposable tablecloth like we did for a casual atmosphere and easy clean-up. We had a few of our guests bring their favorite desserts, setting them out on the porch for a cozy treat station. Classic red and white tablecloths are perfect for setting a casual outdoor atmosphere and wood boxes and lanterns gave us a down-home, candlelit vibe. Sunflowers and mums in yellow and reds coordinated with our crab, corn and checkered tablecloths making everything cohesive and inviting.

As an Experience Dinner, Ted and Nancy provide all the food and offer upgrades such as crab legs in addition to shrimp. We decided to get the best, and Ted not only showed our guests how to properly enjoy a boil, but also showed us the best way to crack open our crab legs – no fancy tools needed! He and Nancy poured the spread down the middle of each table in typical Low Country fashion and let guests pick their helpings with individualized tongs. The outdoor setting and stories made for one of the best dinner experiences any of us have ever had!

Perfect for rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, and family get-togethers, this experience is one you and your guests will never forget!