REAL WEDDING: Love & Happiness

“Craig and I went to McKendree University together. I was 2 years ahead of him, but we were both in the Athletic Training program. At the time,  McKendree was a small school, so everyone knew everyone.   Craig and I never dated in college. I graduated in 2009 and moved back to Indiana, and he graduated in 2012 and moved to St. Louis. Fast forward to September of 2016. I attended McKendree Homecoming, and there he was.  After homecoming he had asked me on a date.  We had a mutual friend encouraging me to take him up on the offer, but I resisted for about 2 weeks. After a couple of weeks I gave in and the rest is history. We lived about an hour apart, and we did long distance for 2 years.”  

“I knew very early on that Craig was the one for me because I began having anxiety about what would happen if we didn’t work out. No one had ever treated me the way he did, and I knew that I would never be able to find anyone who could compare to him. Luckily, my worries were put to rest when Craig proposed to me at McKendree on June 2, 2019.”

“At our wedding we had several McKendree Alumni in our wedding party. We also made sure to get a professional group photograph with everyone who attended that had Graduated from McKendree, and we played the fight song at the reception.” 

“Craig is a huge lover of everything ‘America,’ and I personally made our cake that we cut at the reception. I made a 3 layer cake that was red white and blue. It was a complete surprise for him!  I had also been keeping a secret list of nice things that he had done for me the entire time we have been together. Things like walking me to my car before I left for work in the morning and holding an umbrella for me because it was raining. He would always pack my lunch and dinner whenever I had to work because I work 12 hour shifts and he never wanted me to be hungry. I made little notes with the dates of these things and included the list in a love letter I wrote him on our wedding day. I kept this list going for 3 years, so it was quite long because that’s the type of person he is -always thinking of me before himself.”  

Making Magic:

Photography: Silvernale Photography

Venue: A Pocket Full of Sunshine – Mt. Vernon, IL

Floral: Southern Blooms Co.

Bridal Gown: Ella Park Bridal – Evansville, IN

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal – Evansville, IN
Menswear: The Groomsman Suit
Catering: Matt Kenny Catering – Fairfield, IL
Desert: Z’s Cheesecakes by Dennis Zurliene – Fairfield, IL

Hair: Charlie Klee at JMiller Salon- Evansville, IN