REAL WEDDING: You’re Simply the Best

Alexa and Zach both attended USI and met at a fundraiser.  Alexa saw that Zach had started an inspirational and fitness clothing line and wanted to support it and spread the word to others. After helping him out and showing up at one of his photoshoots, the two felt a chemistry and became best friends. They were so close that Zach said she’d be his “best man” in his wedding… whenever that day came.

People had told Alexa that they could see she and Zach together but she didn’t think twice about that. However, after 5 years of friendship, Zach finally told Alexa he felt more than a friendship for her. She was completely shocked and speechless! It took her about a week to process but once she did, she realized the future life partner she had dreamed of had been there all along. For their wedding they wanted a simple ceremony and reception. They figured that you can have all the bells and whistles at a wedding you want but what’s important is the bond you share with the person you’re saying “I Do” to. The simplicity of the wedding made everything special and intimate, just the way they wanted. 

Making Magic:

Photographer: John Richards Photography

Flowers & Decor: Just Your Style Events

Bridal Gown: Rose and Bliss Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Ella Park Bridal

Menswear: Magic Moments