Destinations & Honeymoons: Long Standing Service & Professionals

Who is ready to travel again?! We know we are ready to help you get there! There is so much information, and it changes by the minute it seems. You need a travel agency with a long-standing presence like Haynie Travel to keep you informed. Our agents are doing their best to stay on top of the latest restrictions and requirements, both domestic and international, and can answer your questions when you are ready to plan your honeymoon or destination wedding.

Haynie Travel Service began helping travelers see the world in 1938. For three generations now, Haynies have been spearheading the latest in travel trends and keeping up with all of the latest travel technologies. Can you imagine planning a trip to Hawaii or Europe from the Midwest in 1938? Without computers? All correspondence would have to be made by written letter or telephone call.

Today, we know that anyone with a computer or cell phone can make their own travel reservations. While we have always advocated to be your partner in travel planning, now we are urging you to please get the assistance of a travel professional. What we have learned ourselves in this past year is that not all travel providers, and we won’t mention any online travel agency names, are here for you. We found out which suppliers went above and beyond to get our clients refunds and future travel credits and also which suppliers were hard lined about no refunds or deferred refunds for many months.

Haynie Travel Service has been strong through World Wars, recessions, 9/11 and now Covid19. Even in the toughest of times, travel is our escape from want and worry, even if it is only in our dreams. Keep dreaming and let us make those dreams a reality for you soon!

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