Mistletoe and ivy

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Never heard of Mistletoe & Ivy you say? That’s ok! A lot of people haven’t…..but they’ve been around a lot longer than you may think. Husband and wife team Heath & Carrie Hazelip launched their lawncare business in 2001. As the years progressed, the couple realized that the winter months were their slow season. Around their third year of business, Heath was reading a landscaping contractor magazine, and there was an ad for a Christmas light installation certification school.  Heath couldn’t wait for Carrie to see the advertisement; but unfortunately, she wasn’t quite as excited or optimistic that this was a good idea. However, they attended an out of town school to learn how to make your home merry and bright.  

Fast forward about 12 years, and the Emerald City team was still doing outdoor Christmas decorating and growing it every year.  But Heath always felt like he wanted more.  As fate would have it, they met a woman at a Christmas convention and became instant friends.  The lady was one of the guest speakers, not so much for her outdoor decorating but for her indoor decorating and weddings.  During one of her classes Carrie was asked to assist her in decorating two themed trees on stage.  When the class was over, she said that Emerald City should become indoor decorators as well!

It was around this time that they transitioned to the name Mistletoe & Ivy.   The logo was created, advertising was being utilized, trucks were being lettered and the phone was beginning to ring! It was from that logoed truck that the Hazelips booked their first wedding client, and they haven’t stopped since! That first wedding was featured in Engaged Magazine, and that jump started this latest side of their business: weddings, events, patio and bistro lighting.  

Mistletoe & Ivy builds and creates everything to be custom for the wedding and venue making each wedding unique and personal  to make memories that last a lifetime.  Mistletoe & Ivy works with lighting manufacturers around the world to make your dreams a reality. Their slogan is… You light up the marriage, we will light up the wedding!